Research Narrative Outline

Introduction Argument: The wives in the stories, both the shapeshifters and the brides of beasts, are more closely tied to nature than society.  Scholarly context and Discourse: Most of the discourse on the subject focuses on how the Animal Bride/Bridegroom stories are reflections of expected marital relationships of that time period/culture, but I will be… Continue reading Research Narrative Outline

Project Proposal: Nature, Curses, and Women (Revised)

Part I: Research and Analysis In stories with shapeshifting brides and cursed husbands, human and animal identities are intertwined. In these stories, the original forms of these supernatural brides and grooms reveals much about how their culture views them. In order to explore this subject, I will be creating a Data Visualizations project focusing on… Continue reading Project Proposal: Nature, Curses, and Women (Revised)

Dataset/Source Review

There are fairytales and folktales all around the world, which means that I will have to find a way to sort through the many options for my final project. While I do have the Animal Bride and Bridegroom archetypes to narrow my pool, there are still a lot of stories out there to read and… Continue reading Dataset/Source Review