About Me

Hello, everyone! I am Anne Lee and welcome to my blog. Though it’s still in its early stages, I very much hope to fill it with my thoughts, ideas, and interests!

I am currently studying in Georgetown University as a second year in its English M.A. Program. I attended Colby College as an Undergraduate and graduated with a B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  

While the I’m a glutton for knowledge for all kinds, I’ve always been drawn to the ways that literature can make connections and collaborate – not only to people and ideas, but also to different academic fields. This interest had eventually led me to my current research interest: storytelling.

Storytelling, I admit, is a net that covers many different things. There are fairy tales, folktales, myths, and even more. My interest is tied specifically to the way they simultaneously reflect society while also existing as a world of its own.

At the present, I am working on my Capstone Project, Simulations through Storytelling. My goal is to eventually create a fairy tale-inspired game or, at least, a completed script of one. Through creating this, I intend to show how the influence fairy tales have on the development in children is still important.

Outside of my scholarly pursuits, I enjoy swimming, origami folding, and playing board games.