Research Narrative Outline

Introduction Argument: The wives in the stories, both the shapeshifters and the brides of beasts, are more closely tied to nature than society.  Scholarly context and Discourse: Most of the discourse on the subject focuses on how the Animal Bride/Bridegroom stories are reflections of expected marital relationships of that time period/culture, but I will be… Continue reading Research Narrative Outline

Project Proposal: Nature, Curses, and Women (Revised)

Part I: Research and Analysis In stories with shapeshifting brides and cursed husbands, human and animal identities are intertwined. In these stories, the original forms of these supernatural brides and grooms reveals much about how their culture views them. In order to explore this subject, I will be creating a Data Visualizations project focusing on… Continue reading Project Proposal: Nature, Curses, and Women (Revised)

Dataset/Source Review

There are fairytales and folktales all around the world, which means that I will have to find a way to sort through the many options for my final project. While I do have the Animal Bride and Bridegroom archetypes to narrow my pool, there are still a lot of stories out there to read and… Continue reading Dataset/Source Review

Character or Cardboard?

Media and texts today might be better at their representation of women, but not all fictional content has posed women as active participants in their stories. But never fear, lovers of feminist and/or non-misogynistic texts! There is an easy way to test whether a film or another form of fiction has an active female presence… Continue reading Character or Cardboard?

Breaking Down Plot into Data

In “Network Theory, Plot Analysis,” Franco Moretti renders William Shakespeare’s Hamlet into charts and numbers – along with other novels and plays. In doing this, his goal is to turn what was originally years of work to a few minutes of investigation. Moretti, who coined the concept of “distant reading” in his article, Conjectures on… Continue reading Breaking Down Plot into Data

Project Concept

In continuation of my previous blog post concerning the final project for Professor Rikk Mulligan’s Digital Approaches to Literature, I would like to expand on the sources that I might use. Since I will be revisiting the sources, I will be referencing some of the texts/articles listed in the last post. Since my interest is… Continue reading Project Concept

Learning from the Pros

Since my blog is still at its early stages, I believe that the best way for me to improve and grow is through learning from the websites and blogs of professional scholars. The first website that I will be looking at belongs to Alex Gil, also known by his handle @elotroalex. His website’s link is… Continue reading Learning from the Pros

Who I am

Hello, everyone! I am Anne Lee and welcome to my blog. Though it’s still in its early stages, I very much hope to fill it with my thoughts, ideas, and interests! I am currently studying in Georgetown University as a second year in its English M.A. Program. I attended Colby College as an Undergraduate and… Continue reading Who I am