Research Narrative Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Argument: The wives in the stories, both the shapeshifters and the brides of beasts, are more closely tied to nature than society. 
    2. Scholarly context and Discourse: Most of the discourse on the subject focuses on how the Animal Bride/Bridegroom stories are reflections of expected marital relationships of that time period/culture, but I will be tackling how the stories view their individuals.
  2. Dataset
    1. I will be using: 
      1. Antconc’s Concordance and Collocates tools in order to help me gather data that will support my argument and find the words that will help in visualization. 
      2. (For now) Voyant’s Bubbleline, Reader, Trends, and Correlations to create my data visualizations. 
      3. If Voyant is not compatible with my corpus, I will use Mallet or R Studio as an alternative. 
      4. Since the imagery of the locations of the stories are important to my project, I will also be using StoryMaps.
    2. The dataset will represent the patterns amongst the Animal Bride/Bridegroom stories and will draw attention to the different treatment of the Animal Brides and the Animal Bridegrooms. The map will also be good at showing the different places and cultures these fairytales come from. It will also support the argument that I’m making.
    3. Corpus: The fairytales and folktales that I will include in my corpus all come from different time periods and different parts of the world, which is important to note because it shows that the pattern of Animal Bride and Bridegroom tales are alike in different times and places. Since it will be difficult to juggle all of the stories, I have decided on focusing on a select few such as The Swan Maidens, Gumiho stories, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, etc.  
  3. Narrative Threads and Segments
    1. Purpose: To connect different stories, contrast them, and analyze the Animal Bride/Bridegroom archetype in order to support my argument that the Animal Brides and the Brides of the Animal Bridegrooms are more aligned with the world of nature than the world of men. 
    2. The Secondary Sources that I will include in the narrative will be supporting my argument.
  4. Close
    1. Narrative Conclusion: Fairytales are created to teach and explain the unexplainable. The Animal Brides archetype shows how women are seen as an ‘other’ who are either brought from a different (wild) space or attracted to the different (wild) space.
  5. Wireframes 
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    2. Introduction
    3. Abstract
    4. Project Description
    5. Bibliography

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